Our Story

Inspired by the ethereal allure of the Himalayas and beyond, founder Tenzin Thardoe's love for the region and his childhood experiences takes birth in the form of AMA.

Having been brought up in the calming surrounds of Dharamshala and Kathmandu, beautiful and comforting cafes were always a regular sight for Tenzin. Cafes where you’d get simple coffee, basic breakfasts and home-baked cakes with views of monasteries, stupas, mountains and valleys that never failed to amaze. He found inspiration in his interactions with people from across the world including monks, authors, photographers and passionate travellers.

When Tenzin moved to Delhi, it was this very experience that he yearned for and that found its first expression with AMA Café in 2013. The first café was in Delhi and the second one found its home in Dehradun subsequently. AMA Café is a chance to take in the wonders of a simpler life while surrendering yourself to the Himalayan way of life.

Now, AMA welcomes you to a new world of exceptional Himalayan flavours with a range of unique coffee and tea blends, freshly-baked breads and cakes along with wholesome AMA breakfasts. Adding another milestone to our journey this year, the Financial Times listed us among “The best independent coffee shops in the world”.

We invite you to step into our cafe and immerse in the reverie of a mindful moment with a truly Himalayan experience.

AMA Roastery

Our deep love for coffee nudged us on the path of establishing our in-house roastery. It allowed us control over quality, consistency, flavour profile and most importantly, helped us create our unique ‘Himalayan Blend’ coffee. Your beloved cup of coffee is not just a distinctive blend but is also sourced from the Himalayas and perfected for every sip. 

Designed to be a singularly immersive, holistic coffee experience, the  AMA Roastery brings to you a selection of the most exquisite coffees and unique roasts that carry an imprint of the pristine Himalayan terrain.

Just like the Himalayan Blend, enhanced by the elevation and terroir of various coffee plantations, each carefully-curated blend like the Majnu Ka Tila Blend and Lamjung Single Estate Blend, carry distinct profiles - steeped in the authenticity of Lamjung and Chikmanglur. 

Tea Blends

As Tenzin continues to find that Himalayan essence in his surroundings, as much as he can, he found yet another way to step into the world of Himalayan flavours. As we embark on our day's journey, tea is that one aspect that offers warmth, comfort and reminds us of our roots. AMA introduces its range of premium tea leaves, carefully-sourced from Nepal, Darjeeling and Himalayan herbs.

The elevation and terroir of these regions are one of the many reasons that create the distinct profile of these teas, brought forth in rare, artisanal blends that bring a lasting sense of solace.

As each sip retains the true essence of the peaceful Himalayan life, the AMA tea range is a reverent ode to that zen life—intended to be savoured slowly.

Bakery - Breads & Cakes

Our purpose for having an in-house bakery was always crystal clear; to bake perfect-quality breads that honoured and pleased every flavourful note. We take immense pride in our freshly-handcrafted and naturally-leavened breads. 

In addition to this, we have infused creativity in curating our range of artisanal cakes—each one with its own identity, texture and taste. The Bakery by AMA is a haven dedicated to the sweeter things in life, where everything is made from scratch with a lot of passion and patience to bring only the finest to you.

Care for a fresh brew or a bite? We’ve got you covered.

Ama Cafe | Delhi
Monday to Saturday : 8am - 10pm

House No. 6, 1st Floor, Majnu-ka-tilla, New Aruna Nagar, New Delhi

+91 9289108826

Ama Cafe | Dehradun
Monday to Sunday : 8am - 10:30pm

143, Rajpur Road, Kishanpur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

+91 7060973862